First Home Settlement

Congratulations to our client on the settlement of her first home today! After being told by another mortgage broker that her home loan was not approved, Equatorial Finance Solutions came to the rescue 3 weeks out from settlement and got the job done. You want someone...

Proxy bidding under budget

Attended an auction this morning as a proxy bidder for my clients and am proud to say we won the auction well under their budget! Congratulations to my clients on their first house purchase! Exciting times ahead as they look to start their own family!

Is your loan still measuring up?

Congratulations to my client on her home loan refinance! Saved her over $1,000 a year in interest charges! What would YOU do with an extra $1,000 a year? Give Equatorial Finance Solutions’ Director Weng Wong a call on 0403 292 614 or email him on...

University College Talk

Director Weng Wong talking about finance to the next group of graduates at an University College last night. Equatorial Finance Solutions, helping young Australians improve their financial literacy.